5 Reasons Why Moving Sucks

August 23, 2015

Five Reasons Why Moving Sucks

I’m baaaaccckkk….Ok, I really didn’t go anywhere. I just couldn’t blog last week because I was moving. It was an in-town move, but still a move all the same. During this move, I really started thinking about moving. Below are my thoughts on moving and why it sucks.


1. I feel like I’ve already done it too much. 

Like many other people, I have moved multiple times in my life: every year in college, five times during the year after college, once in medical school, a cross-country move after internship, a move after residency, a move after fellowship, and now the latest move. That’s medicine I guess. I was used to moving in college, plus there isn’t that much stuff to move. It was easier than now. Now I have all these things to move: furniture, clothes, keepsakes. I could always simplify and get rid of it all and get down to the basics of what I actually need in life, but I guess I am not there yet.

2. I had to leave my home.

So we moved from this fantastic townhouse I called home for the past 6 years. I lived there all through residency and it was home. I loved it – brand new, open layout, lots of space, perfect cul-de-sac, great neighborhood and we were committing highway robbery with rent. The landlords wanted to sell the place with the housing market rebounding. I was extremely sad to let the place go, but unfortunately it wasn’t mine. It never really was.

3. The new place is never the same as the old.

We luckily found a new place that’s almost as nice but just not quite the same and, of course, costs more. The neighborhood is new, the smells different, not everything works as it should, but it does have more storage than the last place. I forgot how nice it is to have tons of storage.

4. It’s draining on the body and mind.

Storage aside, there is a reason moving is considered one of the most stressful life events to go through in life. It’s up there with divorce and death. Packing is painful and draining – mentally and physically. Going through all of my things, trying to decide what to keep and throw away. I highly recommend getting rid of anything that hasn’t been used in a year. I, of course, cannot follow that advice. I just started throwing things in a box, bag or my car. By the time the movers came, we somehow got it together to have them move the big things, but man was I beat. My back hurt from bending over and lifting so much. I was sleep deprived and we still had the other part of the move to go.

5. It’s expensive. 

I personally think unpacking is a bit easier, but since the new place is new not everything has a place. So I had to go out and buy things to organize better. I basically hemorrhaged money this past week, but this is part of putting things away and organizing the new place. This is the part where I chose to be more discriminating on where things go and if I want something really old to be a part of the new place. I probably got rid of more stuff in the unpacking than the packing. Plus, I actually had fun organizing. Pinterest has got some clutch ideas. Also Bed, Bath, and Beyond carries everything you could possibly need. Not to mention, those 20% off coupons and $5 off coupons never expire despite the dates. Don’t throw them away! Yeah, I’m that girl with all those coupons in the checkout line.

I got to eat some good food during the move while trying to get the kitchen packed and unpacked. I loved eating around San Diego and places I have not tried yet.




At this point, we are on the final touches and the new place is starting to feel a bit more familiar. I must admit despite all the reasons moving sucks, it has a place in life. After a move, I feel new and refreshed. I had to go through everything so now I have a new inventory on what’s in my life. I purged and purged some more. I made space for new things to come in and have made a place for them. I look forward to seeing what new things make a place in my life.


That was my week…Here’s what moved in sports this week…


I moved from this city to San Diego…

Every year the Western & Southern Financial holds a masters title in Cincinnati as a part of the US Open Series. It’s a great tournament because the big players should play to prevent losing points in the series and in their rankings. I think the pot is pretty good too. I used to go when I lived in Cincinnati because it was easy to get tickets and a fan could be close to the action.

On the men’s side: Roger Federer took the title like 6 other times before. He always does well in this particular tournament and he denied Novak Djokovic his first title here. I have to give this 34- year-old props.


On the ladies’ side: You guessed it – Serena Williams won the tournament taking out Simona Halep of Romania in the finals.This is Serena’s second title in Cincinnati in a row. Serena and the hype are building up to the US Open in a few days in New York. If Serena wins the US Open she will have a calendar grand slam – you can read about that more here.



Fantasy drafts are already moving…

Preseason football is in full swing and everyone is getting their fantasy teams together. Some unfortunate people are a part of the early birds who drafted a player that is now hurt. Prime example – Jordy Nelson of the Green Bay Packers. He likely tore his ACL which is a season ending injury. This is a huge loss of the Packers and for anyone’s fantasy football team. Maybe the drafts should wait until the weekend before the first official game. Or maybe teams should wait to play important players until the official games.

Thems the Breaks

A tear that happens while moving…

Jordy Nelson will not be alone if it’s confirmed that his ACL is likely torn. Multiple other famous NFL players have torn their ACLS and lived to tell the tale. A few examples include: Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, and Rob Gronkowski. They all were able to rebuild their careers after an extensive rehab. So what is this pesky ACL and why does it cause so many problems for athletes?

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is famous because it stabilizes the knee. It is especially important in pivot movements of the knee, but that is also how it is likely to get torn. This injury is more common in athletes that pivot a lot – think football, basketball, soccer…It is also more common in female athletes – remember Lindsey Vonn? Once the ligament is torn there is excessive motion at the knee, and it needs to be repaired surgically. An average person can live and do well without the surgery, but high-performance athletes should not. The tear can lead to premature arthritis, so is usually fixed in young people.

Once the ACL is repaired surgically, it takes about 6 months or more of intensive rehabilitation to regain the strength in and around the knee specifically the thigh muscles hence the season-ending thing. I hope Jordy Nelson does not have an ACL injury but if he does I wish him a speedy recovery!

Thank you for reading my blog about moving! I am ready for new adventures in the new place! Check out my new adventures around San Diego on Instagram @theprettymaven!


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