6 Reasons Everyone Should Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort

February 20, 2016

6 Reasons Why Every Traveler Should Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort…Just Once

I recently traveled to the Caribbean for a friend’s birthday. Specifically, we hit up the Dominican Republic for some rest and relaxation at an all inclusive resort.


Now I have done an all-inclusive resort before and they all have a special place in my heart. Why? Everything is so darn easy there. Need a drink, turn to your right, need some food turn to your left. And there are no worries about money because everyone pays up front! Does it get any better? No cooking, no cleaning, no thinking…


We stayed at the Level, the adults only portion of Melia Caribe Resort since we were all adults. This resort is 4 stars with the 5-star resort just next door, but the adults only additive made the resort feel like a step ahead. Plus, having access to the Level meant we had access to restaurants that took reservations.


This beautiful resort is located on Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican.


I am sure lots of you, like me, have friends who have hit up Punta Cana. Canadians seem to love this place and I don’t blame them. It is beautifully blue in the sky and in the ocean. The vibe is relaxed and easy especially while staying at an all-inclusive resort.


Once we figured out the lay of the land at the resort we figured out our routine for maximal relaxation and even named it an acronym in true Jersey shore fashion: GTED and repeat.

G: Gym. The gym was right next to our rooms, right next to the buffet and right next to the pool and beach. This is a special feature I researched about the Level. Otherwise, it is a trek to get to the food from where we were staying. Having everything so close to our sleeping quarters made everything easier.


T: Tan…I don’t really tan since I don’t really need it, but I love the warmth of the sun. I love sitting out at the pool or the beach on a warm day. Since the pool and the beach were both at our disposal we had the choice of pool in the morning or beach in the morning knowing we could switch after lunch. My awesome friend Stephanie woke up early every day and while we slept in, then worked out and she saved multiple beach or pool chairs for us to lay on. At both the beach and pool there were waiters coming around to take our orders for drinks. There was even a bar in the pool.


E: Eat. Once we worked out and chilled at the pool or beach we had breakfast and lunch in the buffet restaurant. Every single type of meat, vegetable, bread, grain and dessert were available for our choosing. It was glorious. I tried to keep it clean since I didn’t want to undo everything I worked hard for before the Dominican, but man I ate my dessert at every meal. And oh the starches! Pass me plantains with a side of meat! The food at the Level was amazing!!


D: Drink. Remember that thing about waiters everywhere and bars everywhere? No worries about money. When I am in the Caribbean I want rum with pineapple juice and that’s what I drank while laying by the pool or beach. I drank lots of wine during meals and whatever I wanted at night.


Now don’t get me wrong there are plenty of activities to participate in at the resort to attain extra physical activity for the extra caloric intake. Water aerobics began every day at the pool at 12:15 pm spearheaded by our favorite trainer “Gasolina.” He also led dance classes in the early evening and recruited for paddle board yoga on other days.



The resort also provided hour long rentals for kayaks, paddle boards, and sailboats. I kayaked but was unable to try paddle boarding due to the choppy conditions on the water. I will get there one day!


Down the beach were locals renting flying boats, wind surfers and speed boats. We won’t talk about the flying boat too much…Needless to say we didn’t get an opportunity to fly. My advice for an activity you want to partake in while on an island…Do it right away, the first thing because they are definitely not on your schedule.


The resort also had multiple points of contact for day excursions off the resort to other islands, catamarans, booze cruises, lagoons and the town. There was no shortage of activities to fill a day if that is what a traveler wants. And if a traveler wants to sit and relax then that option is clearly available.


Other options to relax include massages which my friends proclaimed were some of the best massages they ever had.

Between the food, the drinks, the water, the amenities, the activities, and the excursions, an all-inclusive resort is an experience every traveler should enjoy once in their life. I personally will only stay at all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean if they are available. I want to relax and they are perfect for that. Now if I am hitting up a city in Europe, that is another story…


Did you catch?

The Broncos winning the Super Bowl right after I came back from Big Bear. I finally tried skiing and Peyton steals my boy Cam’s almost perfect season Super Bowl. Now that you have had a ton of beer are you finally going to retire Papa Peyton? I will say congratulations to Von Miller the Super Bowl MVP! He deserved it!

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos!

Oh yeah…Duke basketball beat UNC in their house. Duke Duke MF!

I hope you enjoyed my reasons for every traveler hitting up an all-inclusive resort! I am hitting the road again! Yes again! I am beyond excited for my next trip to….Asia. Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand are on the agenda. My final realistic continent (although Antartica is still a possibility). If you want to keep track of my Asian adventures, follow me on Instagram @thesensefullife.


What is your favorite Caribbean island? What is your favorite all-inclusive resort?


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