8 Reasons Every Girl Should Play Fantasy Football This Year

August 31, 2015

8 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Play Fantasy Football This Year


I drafted Skittles!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so what the heck does that mean? Let’s rewind here. In case you live under a rock, I just wanted to let you know the NFL is back but not really, but back enough to take over sports news, TV, life…

The NFL is in preseason and while players are getting hurt and into fights off and on the field, us mere mortals are busy trying to decide which player to draft for our fantasy football teams. I just participated in my very first draft ever yesterday.

So you may be like me. A girl, who is into sports, but isn’t on the level as these guys. I don’t care about stats and yardage although I know what they mean. I just like the fun of the game. But people do notice my interest in sports and often invite me to participate in fantasy sports specifically football.

I have never done it until this year. Last year my sister got me to join this Pick ’em league which was super easy and less time consuming. All you had to do was pick the winning team.

This year I took the official plunge. My sister convinced me to play fantasy football in her league and here’s why you should too!

Below is my countdown for the top 8 reasons every girl should be participating in fantasy football this year:

#8. It’s easy to start – no really it is. 

So, we drafted yesterday at the commissioner’s (head of the league’s house) complete with wine and cheese. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I got super nervous and anxious because I was afraid of failing and looking really stupid. Guess what? It’s ok because all you really need is a computer.

fantasy football

Yahoo and ESPN, the two front-runners in fantasy sports, already have most of it figured out for you.

If you don’t know anything but just want to participate…I am going to let you in on a big secret here…the computer will auto draft for you!!

That’s right. Yahoo or ESPN has already done the work. They will let you know the best player available. So just pick that player. You don’t even have to physically pick it. If you are in auto draft mode the computer picks.

I know people who have auto-drafted and won their league because the important part is really towards the end of the season.

My point is drafting is not as hard as this:


#7. It’s a chance to name a team.

Just join whatever league your family, friends, co-workers want you to join through those sites. Then pick a good name for your team – no pressure or anything.

#6. It’s a chance to host a party, preferably with wine and cheese.


Once you have joined the league the commissioner will pick a day and time for you to “draft” players. That’s where the wine and cheese part comes in. But beer is acceptable…


Another chance to host a party comes later in the season around February…you know that game called the Super Bowl. You can read a little about last year’s Super Bowl here.

But you can invite your whole league over to draft and later to celebrate the winner.

#5. It’s a chance to learn a little/more about football. 

So I know a little bit about the NFL. I really just started watching more games last year because of the pick ’em league I was in. Otherwise, the NFL only got my attention for the Browns and the occasional game I would attend.

This year, I took what little knowledge I had of the game and applied it to the draft. But you really don’t need any knowledge of football.


#4. It’s a chance for smack talk and bragging rights.

I didn’t auto draft because I wanted to stretch my wings, but I do not look down on anyone who does. And if your league doesn’t allow auto drafting you don’t need to be in that league. Those leagues are for really dorky guys who want to prove their package is big. And really it’s not.


Anyway, I digress.

Back to the smack talk and bragging rights thing…

Don’t know how to smack talk? Please see above…

#3. It’s a chance to win. Yeah, that’s my competitive spirit coming out.

Just to let you know, if for the first few rounds you know a couple players and want to pick them but then don’t know anymore…you can always switch to auto-drafting. Awesome, right? I contemplated this towards the 10th round and on, but I just stuck with it because I was having fun pretending I knew what I was doing.

Then I started thinking I could potentially win this. It’s fine if I don’t, but what if you do? Then you would be like this flower, winning:


#2. It’s fun (I hope?). You will find yourself cheering for different teams and players week to week because they are on your fantasy football team.

Speaking of players, here are some basics: There are 15 players on a fantasy team. So 15 rounds to draft.

Your starters each week will be two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one player that is one of the first three positions I stated, and a quarterback.

After that, you need to draft 6 players for your bench. And you also have the option of drafting a defense and kicker to round out your team. But you don’t have to. It just makes your team more versatile. I did because it was my first time and I wanted the full experience – plus I get points in my league for these accessories, but plenty of people don’t and they win their league.

Just a note: Adrian Peterson – a running back for the Minnesota Vikings – is back. People think he has something to prove. He’s tied with the most common first pick for fantasy. Jordy Nelson of the Packers is out. He tore his ACL – read about that here. So the Packers will have to find another wide receiver to the throw to. That wide receiver (likely Cobb) just went up in the draft because Aaron Rodgers loves to throw and is smart about it.

The only thing I would recommend knowing is how to earn points in your league. Here’s how my league is doing it:

fantasydraft10 fantasydraft11

Usually, it’s from scoring touchdowns or running yards. Hence running backs are really important in fantasy. They are likely to earn your team points. In fact, your first round pick should be a running back. So stack your team with those backs!

Another important position to have good players: wide receivers. So get a couple good ones, preferably starting in the second round. They usually score touchdowns too.

I also drafted a tight end early because they score touchdowns by passes from the quarterbacks. The other position to draft pretty early is a quarterback. When I say early I mean like the third round although a lot of people in my league jumped the gun and drafted one in the first round! Yes, the first! Andrew Luck. Apparently he is a hot “lucky” commodity in fantasy this year.

Notice the tone of your league when drafting if you are doing it. If everyone in the league is drafting quarterbacks then you should too. Don’t wait or you may not get a good one. Also, if people start drafting defenses and kickers say in the tenth round. You should too!

If you have time, you can do a mock draft on the computer, but I didn’t.

#1. It’s a chance to get involved in the conversation at work and socially. 

I just went with the flow of this draft and fantasy football. It’s going to be fun to participate this year. Every team is connected on the web through their league so we can all chat and talk.

Here’s how my team turned out:

Quarterback: Ben Roethlisberger

Wide Receiver: T.Y. Hilton

Wide Receiver: Eric Decker

Running back: Marshawn Lynch aka BeastMode aka Skittles and probably the #1 draft pick for fantasy football this year.

Running back: Ameer Abdullah

Tight End: Greg Olsen

W/R/T: Giovani Bernard

Kicker: Dan Carpenter

Defense: New England Patriots


Charles Johnson – WR

Cam Newton – QB

Larry Donnell – TE

Reggie Bush – RB

Kenny Stills – WR

Jonas Gray – RB


I am pretty pumped for my very first team this year. I just have to figure out one thing: How to play week to week…but not until next Thursday.

Do you want to play fantasy football? There is still time…Join a league at work or at home…I think you should! Learn with me! Just do it!

The Next Big Thing: The US Open! Getting ready for Rafa, Roger, Serena, and Venus in New York. Sad to hear about Maria’s injury. She will not be playing this year. Here’s to a speedy recovery for Maria.

Serena has a chance to make history and win a calendar grand slam. Will you be watching?

Thank you for reading my reasons every girl should be playing fantasy football this year. If you are on the fence about it: just play! We can learn along the way together…


Let me know who you drafted as your first round draft pick in fantasy football this week…


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