A field of broken spleens

December 28, 2014


A field of broken spleens…

The Chargers dreams of playoff berth were broken by the Chiefs today in Kansas City despite the Chiefs’ starting quarterback being injured with a lacerated spleen. The Chargers were not able to get their offense off the ground and lost their chance to go to the playoffs.

Other broken dreams…

The Carolina Panthers dismissed the Atlanta Falcons to become the NFC South champions. The only division to have a winner with a losing record. The Lions were unable to win the NFC North title against the Packers. The Steelers held on to their lead against the Bengals to win the AFC North title.

Games that didn’t break anything but pride…

The Patriots lost to the Bills – they must be saving their energy for the playoffs. The Dolphins lost to the Jets and the Giants to the Eagles. Tampa Bay is officially the worst team in the NFL and will get the #1 pick in the draft after their loss to New Orleans. Jim Harbaugh will part ways with the 49ers despite their win against the Cardinals.

My Homies

It’s been more about what’s happening off the field…

The Browns lost to the Ravens today giving the Ravens a playoff spot. More attention is on the off the field goings on with Gordon at Manziel’s party. He must have forgotten my invite.

Thems the Breaks

Bones aren’t the only things that fracture…

A lot of attention has been given to Alex Smith the Chiefs’ quarterback because of his lacerated spleen that put him on the injured list this week and took him out of the starting position. The spleen is an organ tucked up in your left abdomen next to your stomach sandwiched between your rib cage. This explains the nauseated symptoms Smith was having.

So what does that spleen do?

The spleen’s main job is to filter out old red blood cells and filter the blood from viruses and bacteria. It’s basically a blood sponge. People technically don’t need their spleen but it is an important organ for those reasons. The spleen is the most commonly injured organ in the body. If the spleen is damaged they usually call it a laceration and it can be a mild laceration like Smith’s that will heal on its own or a full blow fracture that can be life threatening and cause major blood loss. A fractured spleen is usually treated with surgery.

My dreams of Pick ‘Em queen are officially broken as well. Oh well, until next year…Thank you for reading!

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