About Me

I am so grateful you stopped by! My name is Ife and you may remember me from my prior blog Pretty Maven Sports. Well, I changed the name and the design to fit my lifestyle better.

Have you ever noticed that when you connect to one of your senses it brings you into the present moment? I am trying to remember to stay in the present too, so The Senseful Life seemed to be the perfect name for my new blog as I open up my site to all of my experiences and to you!

Let’s start with the name: The Senseful Life. I was trying to find a name that was more all-encompassing and described what I wrote about. I found myself writing about so many other parts of my life, not just sports. It occurred to me to write about how I experience life, through my 5 senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch. I added two more Feel and Balance.

Sight: I couldn’t let go of my sports. I am a sports blogger because that’s where I got my start and I love them. So, the sight section will be all about the sports I love. What do you expect from a Cleveland, Ohio girl? Expect a lot about the NFL, college football, college basketball, NBA, and tennis. My teams: the Cleveland Browns, Cavaliers, Indians, Ohio State and Duke. I graduated from Duke and was a Women’s lacrosse manager, football manager, and worked in the training office and basketball office. I also had a brief stint working for an MLB team after graduating from college. Yeah, sports aren’t going anywhere.


Touch: I travel A LOT.  This section is about all the lands I touch. Whenever I can I am looking for a good trip, foreign or domestic. Call me a wanderluster, collector of experiences, whatever you want but I made a pact with myself to do one international trip per year during my residency. I make a few more than that as long as I have the time. You only live once. I have hit almost every continent except Asia and Antartica. Hopefully, that will change by March:) Follow me on my journeys around the world!


Taste: That one is easy! I love to eat, cook and bake! I also love to entertain. Find my recipes for food, drinks, parties, and tailgates here.


Sound: I love music and dancing! Catch my recaps of music festivals and concerts here.


Feel: I started taking a serious look at my own health and fitness a few years ago. Exercise and the food we eat are very integral in our health and I wanted to share my experience with it here. I eat clean when I can and try to move my body in some physical way. This is also the section you will find me talk about sports injuries.


Smell: So this is a very special section to me. I started a self-awareness journey several years ago without even knowing what it was called. I have had quite a few life-altering experiences and after the help from several people, I am here now living in the moment with my faith in God. This journey includes my meditation practice, the books I read and the techniques I use to stay in the now. I hope to help others heal the way I am learning to heal myself.


Balance: This is the lifestyle section. As a doctor, it is really easy to get caught up in the medicine and career aspect of life. It’s important to me to have balance and always get back to the things that I love and make me feel alive!

Thank you for reading!

Living a life based on the senses,