Am I Playing Fantasy Football or Dating? 8 Lessons

November 9, 2015

Am I Playing Fantasy Football or Dating? 8 Lessons Learned

Hey, ladies!!!!

I hope you all are enjoying November and fall. I have been traveling again like a mad woman. I went up to Orange County and back to Austin this week for business purposes so I don’t have as many fun pictures to share.

I did realize that we are about halfway done with the regular NFL season. We will be at the end of week 9. What I do have are my lessons learned from my first go round in fantasy football ever. Remember when I wrote about why every girl should be playing fantasy football? Well, now I want to share my mistakes and lessons learned with you so that you can apply them to the remaining season.

As I thought about these lessons/mistakes it started to make me think about how a lot of the lessons related to dating and relationships. Fantasy football and your team are an investment. Sure you can be that girl who just picks up a team and never looks at it again because it’s easy and comfortable. But is that going to make your team dynamic and grow?

I don’t want to stay stagnant. I know this is my ego too, but I want to win. Win in fantasy football and relationships. I am a single girl and currently my dating life is beyond nonexistent, but that does not stop me from learning about myself for when I do finally get into another relationship.

So how does fantasy football relate to dating?

Well first off, you pick your team, right? You try to pick the best team based on statistics, their background, and reputation. Once you have picked that team, it’s easy to just go with it without really paying attention to the details. But it’s time to pay attention because it is now where you can change things around for a better ending.

Early on it’s easy to let things ride because you don’t want to give up so easily on players. But then the honeymoon phase is over and things like injuries and bye weeks start popping up.

Injuries: ACLs, MCLs, lacerated kidneys, broken bones. The question you have to ask yourself: Is this an injury that will heal and deserves only a benching to play another day or is this an injury that is season ending and it’s time to find another player that can do the job.


Le’Veon Bell, Steve Smith Sr., Jordy Nelson, Jamaal Charles, Keenan Allen…all good and hot players that suffered season-ending injuries.


Marshawn Lynch, Dez Bryant, Ben Rothlisberger and Tony Romo…players that were/are injured but will likely live to see another play. I forgot to switch DeMarco Murray out once because of an injury and lost that week. So pay attention to these things!

In general, I set my lineup on Wednesday or Thursday. I have done last minute switches. They don’t work out, so don’t do it. The only last minute switches that work are the ones for injuries or changes in status.

My recommendation for season-ending injuries aka deal breakers: find out their backup and pick him up. Already taken? Find the next backup.

Not a season-ending injury? Let it heal and see what he can do after.

Bye weeks can kill you in one week then are over the next week, kind of like a fight. Questions to ask yourself: Is the player you have too valuable to let go of for that bye week? Or will you be ok if you lose him to another team? How many players are on bye weeks? Is it time to pick up free agents?

My reco for a bye week aka a fight: If the player is really valuable, let him sit on the bench and let the bye week blow over. Is the player not so great and you need another player for your team. Drop him and pick up someone else. Just remember someone else may pick him up.

Did you draft a player that looked great on paper but has not been quite living up to your expectations? Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson are some notables in the category. Again ask yourself is there someone better out there or can you work with them? Could they maybe be having an off first part of the season but will come through when you really need it?


My recommendation: If you drop that player make sure you know you are picking up someone better.

Is someone on your bench having monster games, i.e. more than two in a row? Is it time to start playing him in your starting lineup? Notables this season: Willie Snead, Gary Barnidge, Ronnie Hillman, Devonta Freeman…

My recommendation: Play him! Give him a shot! If he disappoints, put him back on the bench.


Trading…A couple trades were proposed to me early on. The last trade proposed to me was by a very calculating person in my league. He wanted Carson Palmer, my backup quarterback. My starting quarterback was Russell Wilson. I am trying to work with Russell because he’s good, but Carson is a great back up. What was I going to get in the trade: Ryan Tannehill and a running back that wasn’t that great.

My gut instinct was just to say no. But true to being a girl and my desire to please, I agreed to the trade but changed the running back for running back that was ok but supposedly better.

Now Carson Palmer is hot, Ryan Tannehill is not, the running back I got hasn’t done anything, and the running back I lost is now the starting running back for the Steelers ala DeAngelo Williams.


So I reflect on this trade and learned a few things. If you don’t want to trade DON’T! Trust your gut. There is a very good chance you are really not getting anything in the trade and losing a whole lot. 

My other lesson: If I did want to go with the trade, I should have asked for more because I deserved more for Carson Palmer. At the end of the day, the other person in my league wanted something from me. So I should have countered for the best of what I needed/wanted and let him counter or say no. 

Bottom line in trading: Know your worth.

Pay attention to players that other teams let go. They may be a really good player and have all the qualities you are looking for. I just picked up Ameer Abdullah this way and also Dez Bryant.


Finally, there might be a player in the mix that no one ever thought of or looked at initially. Low initial stock value but then his stock starts to rise. He’s just been hanging around but was never drafted. All of sudden he’s coming into his own. Think DeAngelo Williams and Charcandrick West…

My recommendation: Consider picking him up for a bench seat or to start if he is filling a spot for someone that is injured and provides everything you need. Then see what he does. He could be a secret sleeper who brings your team to its greatest potential. 


So those are my lessons that I learned now that we are halfway through fantasy football. Crazy how it relates to dating and relationships too right? Remember all these things when you start trying to fix up your team.

Now on to what happened in my dating, I mean sports life this week…


Everyone knows the taste of heartbreak…

The SEC had a shake up this weekend with the loss of undefeated LSU by the hands of fellow overrated college team just because they are in the SEC, Alabama. Alabama ran away with the game winning easily against the #2.


So does this mean Alabama will jump Ohio State to #2 or does OSU deserve the #2?

Other SEC losses: Ole Miss to Arkansas by 1 and Texas A&M to Auburn.


The Big Ten saw a little of this action too. Michigan State lost to struggling Nebraska and its undefeated status.

The Big 12? You don’t get away from this either. TCU goes down to Oklahoma State.


Memphis? Yea I don’t know how they were still undefeated. Well no longer. Navy offered them the taste.

It was almost over…

Northwestern kept going to beat Penn State but lost their starting QB in the process.

Florida almost lost to the smart team of the SEC – Vanderbilt – and Notre Dame held on despite the late surge of Pittsburgh.

They’ve yet to be dumped…

The newly ranked #1 Clemson played a close game with Florida State. Their ACC Atlantic title was on the line with their undefeated status and their ranking. That’s a lot of pressure. Florida State started strong with the lead, but the Tigers were able to tie it up and win it in the fourth quarter.


#6 Baylor keeps their undefeated status against Kansas State in the Big 12.

The Big Ten is seeing the surprising rise of Iowa. They are currently undefeated and keep that description with their win over Indiana.

Houston? Yea I don’t know how they are still undefeated. They barely keep it that way with their win over Cincinnati.

My Homies

So under appreciated in this relationship…

The now #3 Ohio State took on the Minnesota Gophers this weekend. Both teams started off slow, but Elliott would have none of that. Braxton saw a couple snaps in this game and with Cardale Jones the Buckeyes won! We should be #2 now. Just saying AP poll.


When the girl you hate takes your man…

Duke and UNC played for the Liberty Bell this Saturday. I got up early to watch this game. I should have stayed and cried it out in bed with ice cream. The Devils just looked defeated. No defense on the pass plays. I think they are still coming off their loss to Miami and it showed on the field. We were just murdered by the Tar Heels.


When new bae meets old bae…


Peyton Manning and the Broncos came back to Indianapolis to play Peyton’s old team the Colts. Andrew Luck has been having a rough start to his year, but this is the game he pulled it together and looked like his old self. The Colts denied Manning 3 yards to set a record in passing as well as the lucky number 8 everyone is looking for this week.


Speaking of quarterbacks that were denied this week, the 49ers officially benched Kaepernick. Why? Because the front office let go of his coach, receivers, and line in the offseason. So it must be his fault they lose right? Unfortunately, the Falcons helped prove their point by losing by 1 point.

Big Ben is down again after a foot sprain in the Steelers close game against the Raiders. The Jets held off the Jags, the Vikings beat the Rams in OT, and the Saints with Brees goes from 7 touchdowns to losing to the Titans with rookie Mariota in New Orleans.


Eight dates should be enough to know…

The Panthers have proven how serious they are this season keeping their undefeated status against the experienced but thin Packers and Aaron Rodgers. Cam Newton threw for 3 touchdowns and the Panthers defense held off the late surge of the Packers.



The Patriots easily got to eight against the Redskins.

When the guy you kind of like asks you on a date, and the guy you really like is dating someone else…

My Homies

An old Ohio rivalry took place this week. The undefeated Bengals welcomed the Cleveland Browns to Cincinnati. The Browns were led by Johnny Manziel because McCown was out this week. He looked decent in the first half of the game but could not keep the momentum in the second half. The Bengals reached that number lucky #8 and the Browns are hoping for at least 3.

So now we are down to 3 undefeated teams in the NFL: the Panthers, the Bengals, and the Pats. The Pats were an easy guess, but no one expected this from the Panthers and Bengals. The next few weeks will be very interesting.

Thank you for reading my fantasy football and dating blog! I just need to draft some players to practice my advice on. You can find me scouting what San Diego has to offer on Instagram @theprettymaven!


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