An Atypical Sports Filled Day: What did you watch?

May 2, 2015

It’s an Atypical Sports Filled Day!

Derby, boxing, playoffs, games, and drafts…What did you watch?

Mayweather continues to reign in May…


This was my first boxing match that I watched and followed from beginning to end. It was publicized as the biggest fight since Tyson/Holyfield almost 20 years ago. Floyd Mayweather the reigning undefeated champion took on Manny Pacquaio the Filipino Pacman. HBO and Showtime charged $110 for pay per view and every “it” celebrity was ring side. Floyd Mayweather came out as the favorite. He’s taller, faster and quicker, but Manny has his voodoo mom in his corner. The crowd was behind Manny because he doesn’t beat women but Manny got beat on every other aspect. Mayweather was calculating and for every punch Manny came in for and missed Mayweather had an answer back. Manny had his chance to stun Floyd and keep him up against the ropes but he never capitalized and Mayweather ran away with it. Mayweather took 10 out of 12 rounds and remains undefeated.


Here are my highlights of the match:

The celebrities: Who is still paying Paris Hilton to be seen?

Jimmy Kimmel as Run DMC with Manny. Was that the look Denzel was going for or is homeless man in an Adiddas track suit in now?

The Burger “King” guy behind Mayweather and the Biebs looking more masculine than lesbian.

Jaime Foxx for the national anthem? Beyonce was there…

I’m still not getting why the sang the Mexican national anthem?

Who was that blonde girl…You couldn’t do any better than that?

The parents: Where was Pacquaio’s mom? I was waiting for holy water to be thrown…

Mayweather is a carbon copy of his dad.

Overall the match was a little underwhelming. Mayweather had it from beginning to end.

Pacquiao’s interview was just awkward. You lost because you didn’t land any hits.

Sorry Manny, no one is going stand still in the middle of the ring waiting for you to hit them.

Congratulations to Floyd Mayweather the welterweight boxing champion of the world!

You know I love a big hat…

The Kentucky Derby

The 141st Kentucky Derby was held at Churchill Downs in Louisville and the hat fashion never disappoints. The favored horse going into the race: American Pharaoh. Other hopefuls: Carpe Diem, Ocho Ocho Ocho, Dortmund, and Firing Lane. The winning horse: American Pharaoh.

When it comes to horse races, the players are: the horse, the jockey, the trainer, and the owner.

Here are some stats on the winning team: Victor Espinoza rode American Pharaoh to victory in his 3rd Kentucky Derby win, second straight. Bob Baffert trained this horse – his 4th win. The owner was Ahmed Zayat of – you guessed it – Egypt. He has came in second 3 years in a row and finally wins this year.

I find the jockey is the best thing to bet on when it comes to horses. But I have also been known to picked based on names and the colors.

Congratulations to American Pharaoh and his team!

Oh Ooh, Pick Me, Pick Me!!


The NFL always likes to take up my time on the weekends even out of season! It was the NFL draft Friday and Saturday. A couple hundred college football hopefuls have been submitting tapes and attending practices and meetings to show their stuff to the NFL recruiters. The thing about the NFL draft – which in stark comparison to the NBA draft – just because you are drafted doesn’t mean you make the team! You still have to go to camp and try out. Even more interesting, there is no guaranteed contract aka money like in the NBA. At least the first several players drafted to the NBA will make money. Lastly, the players drafted in the later rounds – even the 6th round – are likely to become big names in the NFL ala Tom Brady.

So at the end of the day the draft takes all this time over the weekend and we are still left wondering who will make the cut?

Here are my notable drafted players:

The #1 pick overall: Jameis Winston, quarterback and last year’s Heisman winner, out of Florida State (go ACC!). He’s headed to Tampa Bay.

#2 pick overall: Marcus Mariota, quarterback and this year’s Heisman winner out of Oregon. He heads to Tennessee.

The Cleveland Browns picked up Somoan Danny Shelton out of Washington. I love Samoans. We also drafted Cameron Erving of FSU in the first round. Another offensive linemen to protect the quarterback, but what we need is a quarterback…Johnny Football is in rehab and we lost Brian Hoyer who is now with the Texans. Cleveland also picked up Nate Orchard on defense, Duke Johnson a running back, Xavier Cooper, Ibraheim Campbell, Vince Mayle, Charles Gaines, Randall Telfer, Hayes Pullard, and Ifo Ekpre-Olomu. I love seeing all these Nigerian names!

A first round draft pick out of Duke since 1987 Laken Tomlinson will head to Detroit! Smart move…Another Dukie drafted: Jamison Crowder to the Washington Redskins.

Devin Smith from Ohio State was drafted in the second round to the New York Jets, Jeff Heureman to the Denver Broncos, Doran Grant to Pittsburgh, Michael Bennett heads to Jacksonville, and Evan Spencer to the Redskins.

The San Diego Chargers picked up Melvin Gordon from Wisconsin and Amari Cooper of Alabama heads to the Oakland Raiders.

There’s still too many games…


I don’t really get into the NBA playoffs until the end because there’s a lot to watch. Each series is best out of 7 games. Here’s a rundown of the first round series:

In the West –

The Golden State Warriors took out the New Orleans Pelicans and the unibrow in 4.

The Texas matchup was won by the Houston Rockets over the Dallas Mavericks 4-1. Sorry Dirk, there’s always a ring next year.

The Memphis Grizzlies beat the Portland Trailblazers 4-1.

The Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs wanted to keep us guessing to the end. They headed into game 7 tied and the Clippers took the series with a last second basket by Chris Paul.

Next up the Grizzlies versus the Warriors, and the Rockets versus the Clippers.

In the East –

The Atlanta Hawks beat the Brooklyn Nets 4-2 and Jay-Z.

The Chicago Bulls took out the Milwaukee Bucks 4-2.

The Washington Wizards swept the Toronto Raptors 4-0.

The Cleveland Cavaliers swept the Boston Celtics 4-0. The Cavs still look really good to make it to the finals but we just lost Kevin Love to a dislocated shoulder caused by Olynyk who claims he didn’t mean it, but that was a pretty hard yank I saw. My message to Olynyk – don’t come to Cleveland anytime soon.

The Hawks will play the Wizards, and the Cavs take on the Bulls in the next round.

The NHL has got some playoffs going on too that are too complicated for me right now. There are ties? and I just can’t do baseball too today.

Show Me the Meaning

So if it’s not heavy or light…

Welterweight refers to a weight class in boxing. It is heavier than lightweight and lighter than middleweight. The weight is between 140 and 147 lb.

Floyd Mayweather won the welterweight boxing match against Manny Pacquiao unanimously.

Thanks for reading my blog for the biggest sports day of the year! There was too much going on today but this is what I live for…

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