March 21, 2016



The blog and I are going through some major changes…Name, look, scope..a whole new revamp. I still love my sports but I wanted to encompass more of me in the blog not to mention appeal to more women! Take a look around and you will see that I am not just talking sports anymore: I added more things I love to do: travel, music, food, meditation, wellness and inspiration.


I wanted to start highlighting more things that inspire me. Books, meditations, exercises, other people especially women. In particular my first blog to announce the rebrand will highlight two female entrepreneurs who live right here in my city of San Diego. I stumbled upon them one day while exploring San Diego and I am so glad I learned more of their story.

I want to share more of their story with you. Check out my Q&A below.

With this rebrand, GracedbyGrit is helping me host a giveaway! Head over to my Facebook and Instagram pages to enter to win yoga pants from GbG! I am beyond grateful for their help in this rebrand and yours!

I am so excited to do my first ever Q&A with the founders of women’s fitness apparel line based out of San Diego: GRACEDBYGRIT!


I came across you ladies when I was exploring Solana Beach in San Diego. I was walking down a busy strip of stores and restaurants and your store immediately caught my attention! Why? The colors!

The Senseful Life: Where does your color wheel inspiration come from?

GracedbyGrit: We look for colors that flatter most women. We tend to use jewel tones that are elegant, simple and timeless.gracedbygritgive

After the colors drew me in the story drew me in even more. GracedbyGrit was founded by two female entrepreneurs Kate and Kimberly. I love seeing women working together!

TSL: How did you two find each other and what made you decide to work together?

GbG: Kimberly hired Kate as her trainer for a triathlon.The idea for GRACEDBYGRIT was conceived during a run (when kimberly was trying to slow things down…). We talked about the lack of choice in high-performance, flattering workout gear, especially for running and water sports. We knew that with our combination of athletic expertise and business and technology experience, we made a powerful team.  So we designed clothing that made sense for land and/or sea.  

Next, we had to come up with a name. We thought about what it was that we had in common. We had each experienced a major life event that forced us to learn what we were truly made of.   Every woman has a gritty moment that could make or break her. It is how we make it through those moments that define us. It’s realizing that grit is often what gives us grace.


After learning Kate and Kimberly’s story I was impressed by their purpose. Fitness apparel for both water and land. These ladies clearly love to be active. The best part of their clothes: They have SPF in the material!

TSL: What type of fabrics do you work with and why?

GbG: We use the most luxurious Italian fabric. It is soft and silky, yet offers compression. It feels so wonderful on your body. The colors are vibrant and elegant and don’t fade with time. You can wash them, dry them and wear them every day.


My favorite piece of clothing from your store so far is the Delicious Tank. The fabric is so comfortable and flexible. Not to mention it comes in so many different colors.

TSL: What piece of clothing from your line can you not live without?

GbG: We are both in love with the Everywear top and the Baby It’s Cold Outside leggings. Fleece lined clothes that make you look fit and elegant. We also can’t get enough of the Delicious Tank. It is such a versatile piece. The length is perfect for layering, for a long run or as a baselayer for a night out!


I had a great experience in your store. The customer service was impeccable and your vision comes through clearly. It is all about the sporty girl’s experience. Graced by Grit offers a reusable cloth bag with every purchase and a whistle.

TSL: Explain the whistle.

GbG: As we said, Kimberly and Kate started training together when Kimberly  was training for a triathlon on the  Tri’n for Chelsea team. Five years ago, 17-year-old Chelsea King murdered in a brutal act of violence while running. Chelsea had always wanted to do a triathlon but when her life was cut short she was not able to fulfill that dream. A friend of the Kings asked all of her friends to participate on the Tri’n for Chelsea team in Chelsea’s honor.

At one of the Tri’n for Chelsea team meetings, Kelly King mentioned that if Chelsea had her phone or a whistle—something to attract attention—the tragedy of her death may have been prevented. Kimberly and Kate took this into consideration while training for the triathlon, deciding to include a detachable whistle with each apparel piece. They want women to feel empowered and to always feel safe while working out, whether running a trail or on a stand-up paddleboard. The GRACEDBYGRIT safety whistle has a flat, discreet design that can be securely looped inside the back pocket of their capris or pants, on their jacket sleeve, or around the back of their neck in tanks with a reflective elastic lanyard.


TSL: Kate and Kimberly obviously love to stay active. What are your favorite outdoor activities?

GbG: Kate: Running, swimming, surfing, skiing (both water and land), mountain biking, sailing, hiking, yoga, snowshoeing…pretty much anything that allows me to enjoy my surroundings and with the people that I love spending time with.

Kimberly: Skiing (alpine and cross country), snowshoeing, scubadiving, snorkeling, stand-up paddling, pilates, yoga, hiking, cycling, spinning, walking…


Since you both are high performance athletes and clearly are in great shape, every girl wants to know how to be as fit as you.

TSL: What do you eat in a day to fuel your body for a long day of working out then working in the office?

GbG: Kate: I eat 3 full meals a day with lots of snacks in between. I love food. I love protein. I love coffee. I love meat and cheese and good bread. It is all about having enough to fuel my brain and body. I am not a happy person when I don’t have food in my system..just ask Kimberly.

Kimberly:  Nuts, almonds, eggs, veggies, fish… coffee and wine.


I love sports and I got my start in blogging with blogging about sports. Sports for women and from and woman’s perspective.

TSL: What are your favorite sports to watch? Do you follow any teams?


Kate: I watch football because I grew up watching football my dad and it reminds me of those days. I love watching the Olympics. I love the stories behind athletes of all sports. I love the triumph and the defeat and the lessons they provide. I really love watching my daughters play soccer or run next to me.

Kimberly: I like watching my kids play sports.


TSL: Do you have an athlete that inspires your work?


Kate: Every woman athlete out there inspires me. I respect a woman that goes for it and pushes her body and mind to its limits.

Kimberly: John Wooden.  Best known for coaching.

TSL: Lastly, I would love to know the advice you would give to yourself at 25.


Kate: Life is short so make each moment count.

Kimberly:  At 25, I had just learned that my husband of a year had been diagnosed with cancer.  I thought my life was over. I would tell my young self that this gritty moment will define me.  It is how I get through it that will be my grace.


Thank you to Kate, Kimberly, and the GracedbyGrit team for their help, time and effort in my first Q&A and giveaway! What inspirational girl bosses! Please check out for more information about their products and clothing line!

Thank you to my readers and I hope you enjoy the rebrand. Head over to Facebook and Instagram to enter the win yoga pants from GracedbyGrit. The rules are below and on my Facebook page: The Senseful Life and my Instagram account: @thesensefullife. Good luck!


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Winner announced by March 31, 2016.

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