Did you witness a slice of history?

June 9, 2015

Did you witness a little slice of history?

This has been a pretty awesome sports week. I think American football must feel left out. Pretty much every sport had something going on this week and the somethings weren’t trivial. History was made! I love it when history is made in sports and I get to be a witness. Basketball, hockey, tennis, horse racing, soccer…there was something for everyone this week and I officially have lost my voice screaming. Here’s why my voice needs a rest.

You say broken kneecap, I say the Cavs can still win this…


My Homies

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been missing one thing since their resurgence. A win in the Finals series. This win has evaded LeBron but most importantly Cavs fans.

Game 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals occurred this week and my voice is gone after Game 2. My team the Cleveland Cavaliers came out looking healthy and strong in Game 1 against the Golden State Warriors in Oakland. That quickly changed after the first game. The Warriors won the first game despite LeBron’s 40 points and Kyrie Iriving’s 23. Kyrie was able to keep a handle on Steph Curry, forcing the Warriors to find another shooter. Klay Thomspon answered that call. Yet the Cavs were able to keep it close the first game and things seemed to be in their favor until the last 6 minutes of the game. LeBron took a poor jumper shot that he missed and pushed the game into overtime. In overtime Kyrie Iriving’s knee gets bumped by Klay Thompson’s knee and Kyrie leaves the court limping and frustrated. The Warriors took Game 1 in overtime and Kyrie’s knee cap is broken.

When we find out Kyrie’s out all I can hear this week was how it was over for the Cavs. Then I thought wait a minute didn’t the Cavs win the Eastern conference with Kyrie out most of the games? We can do this, the other players just need to step up. So that leads us to Game 2.

Delly is on Curry – who barely makes a single basket while he is guarded by Delly, but Klay Thompson has the hot hand. Curry has one of the worst games of his life, Mozgov hustles, Thompson rebounds, LeBron does what he does, and somehow the Cavs lose their 11 point lead to put the game back into a overtime because LeBron missed his layup. Cue another nail biting overtime. Curry seems to gain momentum but somehow through the foul shooting the Cavs defense manages to keep the Warriors from scoring and the Cavs take a very important game to tie the series 1-1.

So history has been made in Cleveland Cavaliers basketball. We have won in the Finals! Now it’s time to outright win the Finals. We can do this!


Tell me what Serena Williams can’t do?

At the ripe ripe age of 33 (which is ripe in the tennis world) Serena Williams is still going strong and dominating at it. This year Serena has already won the Australian Open and now after the winning the French Open she is on her way to a career Grand slam in the same year. Serena was able to come back twice in two games while battling a cold, losing the first set to advance to the finals where she played the talented shotmaker Lucie Safarova – who took out Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic. Serena wins the first set but loses the second. She wills herself to win the third making this her 20th Grand Slam Championship. Oh yeah she accepted her trophy in French. Get it girl…

Congratulations to Serena Williams – the 2015 French Open Women’s Champion.


I called this man taking down the #1…

Stan Wawrinka was the only man I could see claiming the only title Novak Djokovic does not have. The match started how we all expected. Djokovic took the first set and looked great at it. I thought the rest of the sets would look similar to the first. Clearly I was wrong. Wawrinka came up with so many clutch one handed backhand shots up the line that I thought young Federer was out there for a second. Novak had no answer and lost the next 3 sets straight. A little piece of history happened here: Stan the Man won the French Open men’s title. He is the only man to win the men’s title and the junior’s title when he was Stan the Boy.

Congratulations to Stan Wawrinka – the 2015 French Open Men’s Champion.



I’ve never seen it in my lifetime…

It’s been 37 years since the Triple Crown has been awarded to a horse. It’s a tough crown to claim because The Kentucky Derby and the Preakness are short distance races versus The Belmont Stakes which is a long distance race. Horses that don’t run in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness will run in the Belmont Stakes. These “fresher” horses often deny the other horses that have run in the prior races the crown.

The 147th Belmont Stakes occurred on Saturday out of New York. The favorite to win was American Pharaoh who already won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. His team was the same: Victor Espinoza – the jockey, Bob Baffert – the trainer and the owner – Ahmed Zayat. American Pharaoh not only proved he is a short distance runner but he is also a long distance runner. American Pharaoh easily won the Belmont to claim the elusive Triple Crown.

Congratulations to American Pharaoh and his team on the Triple Crown!



Stanley wants to share his cup…

The professional hockey playoffs continue to rage on. The final two teams are fighting for the chance to raise the Stanley Cup. The Tampa Bay Lightning are currently leading the Chicago Blackhawks 2-1 after last night’s game. It seems like this series may go to a game 7.


It’s time for the women…

The Women’s World Cup is in full swing. The United States is leading their division after beating Australia. I hear the German women are the favorites over the US. You know what I say: U-S-A!!

Thems the Breaks

You say broken kneecap, I say fractured patella…

As many know Kyrie Irving is officially out of the NBA Finals and the rest of the Cavaliers season due to a broken knee cap. The official name for that knee cap is a patella. It’s very important to the knee even though it’s technically not a bone! It’s made differently than the rest of the bones in the body. It it the largest sesamoid bone in the body and serves a very important function. It anchors down the big thigh muscles (quadriceps) by a tendon – quadriceps tendon. This tendon then continues on through the patella to then form the patellar tendon which attaches to the upper leg. The patella is an important anchor to the leg; hence when it completely breaks surgery is usually required. That brings us to the loss of Kyrie. Le sigh… I can’t let go of the faith! The Cavs can still do this!

The Next Big Thing: The Cavaliers and the Warriors play on in Game 3 of the Finals in Cleveland tonight. We got this Cavs! Go Cavs! I’m all in!!!

Thank you for reading my little slice of sports history! I’ll be watching women’s soccer, basketball and hockey. June is all about sports fun!

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