Grateful for Turkey Day

November 30, 2015

Grateful for Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite turkeys out there! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed lots of food and football like me! Since Thanksgiving is the holiday where we give thanks, here are three things I am grateful for:

1.  Pears. I baked with pears this Thanksgiving because I was over pecans, pumpkins and apples.


Pears are awesome to bake with and have a similar consistency to apples. My pear pie crumbles rocked!


2. Butter. Makes my turkey extra moist and flavorful. I added rosemary, thyme, garlic and sage to rub on my turkey. Yummm…


3. Football. So many great games. So little time. Keep reading and I’ll tell you what there is to be grateful for in football.

I am Grateful for Rivalry Week


College football is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if there is one week to watch college football it’s rivalry week. It’s called a rivalry for a reason. Each team plays their heart out and tries to exploit their rivals weaknesses. Since they play every year, the teams know each other. Bowls are involved, cups are traded, bells are rang. So many emotions are caught up. Don’t be surprised if fights break out and students storm fields. Uprights may be torn down and upsets may occur. Know one thing…it’s a great Saturday of college football.

Here’s the rundown of rivalry week and what happened…

Baylor drops out of the top ten after losing to TCU. They will not be in the playoffs. The supposedly ever powerful SEC was defeated by the ACC in the Florida State win over Florida.


#1 Clemson barely beat South Carolina after a late surge. Clemson will likely stay at #1. #2 Alabama played Auburn, and will stay at #2. #3 Oklahoma commandingly beat Oklahoma State to stay at #3.

Houston – yeah Houston – they beat Navy taking the American West conference.

Oregon and Oregon State traded touchdowns throughout the game, but Oregon pulled through.

Iowa established its place in the college football playoffs beating Nebraska and staying undefeated. They will meet Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship after Michigan State destroyed Penn State.


The game of the day: Stanford versus Notre Dame. Like Duke, Stanford did not really play their true rival but this has become a huge rivalry week game. Stanford and Notre Dame play each other tough and the last few games have been in Notre Dame’s favor. This year, the veteran senior Kevin Hogan and tight end Cajuste were on the same wavelength.


These teams trade touchdowns all throughout the game and it didn’t look good for Stanford after an ND touchdown until Hogan connected with Cajuste again. A 40+ yard kick decided the game and the Stanford kicker was the hero. Stanford dashed Notre Dame’s hopes of seeing the playoffs. Stanford will see USC in the Pac-12 championship game.


Speaking of USC, they battled UCLA and came out victorious

This rivalry win is a little empty…

My Homies

















Ohio State played their age-old rival Michigan in Michigan. If Ohio State had run half as well as they did this week, last week, the Buckeyes would still be in the playoffs. Instead, we beat Michigan again this year only to see Michigan State head to the Big Ten championship game against Iowa.










Now the Buckeyes need UNC to beat Clemson in the ACC championship or Florida to beat Alabama in the SEC championship instead of being in charge of our own destiny. I guess here’s to hoping, but my expectations are low.

Duke finally won another game beating our not so rivals Wake Forest while our real rivals – UNC – played and beat NC State.

I am grateful for touchdown dances…


The Panthers are the only team left undefeated and Cam is still dancing in the end zone. They beat the Cowboys who lost Tony Romo after he refracted his collarbone and killed my fantasy team.

The Lions are on a winning streak and still in the hunt for the playoffs. If Matt Stafford keeps throwing 4 TDs per game then the playoffs are more than just a dream.They knocked off the struggling Eagles.


Another surprise win on Thanksgiving: The Bears over the Packers in the Packers’ house. Whaaa? Green Bay is struggling without Jordy Nelson.

Kansas City is back on a streak after beating the Bills. Travis Kelce gave Cam Newton a run for his money on dancing in the end zone. Another streak? The Houston Texans are feeling the groove after beating the undefeated Bengals a few weeks ago and now beating the Saints.


The Redskins beat the Giants in a surprise victory while the Falcons surprisingly keep losing. This week it was to the Vikings.

The 49ers lost Colin Kaepernick and to the Cardinals. Come to Cleveland if you don’t want to stay in SF!


The Steelers and Seahawks battled. Big Ben is under concussion protocol and Jimmy Graham is out with a torn patellar tendon. Without Graham, the Seahawks won with Russell Wilson’s 5 touchdown passes.


Game of the week: The Patriots have been bucked off the top by the Broncos and Brock. The Patriots lost in overtime after losing Gronk. Their receiver roster is getting thin. Peyton Manning is officially done this season. He is having old man problems with his foot and his arm after throwing 4 interceptions against the Chiefs. Peyton is talking about playing next season. Let it go Papa Peyton you have beat Bret Favre’s record. Let it go…Ps don’t come to Cleveland.


Speaking of Cleveland. Johnny football keeps partying. We will play the Ravens Monday without him thankfully! And thankfully without the Ravens having Joe Flacco who tore his ACL.

I am grateful for another sport to watch…


Basketball is back! It’s hard to keep up right now, but Duke won in the Championship Classic after beating Georgetown. #1 UNC has already fallen to Northern Iowa of all teams and Kentucky looks good. Real real good.


I’m not going to talk too much about this because it hurts, but the Warriors have matched the NBA record of best start and are setting new records at 18-0. Yeah, I’ll admit it – Steph Curry looks good but so do the Cavs.

Everybody is talking about: Kobe retiring after this season. He finally announced it – 1 year late.

Most of all I am grateful for all of my readers and followers on Instagram, Twitter and here! Thank you and have a wonderful week! – @theprettymaven

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