How to Have a Clevetastic Weekend in San Diego!

October 5, 2015

How to Have a Clevetastic Weekend in San Diego!!!

Hello, all! I apologize for the massive break in blogging. I have been traveling in Europe which I will share eventually in some special blogs these upcoming weeks. I hope you caught me sharing some fantastic views of Bordeaux and San Sebastian on Instagram @theprettymaven! I will continue to share my vantage point in the upcoming weeks.

When I returned from Europe, my sister and I had planned a Cleveland themed housewarming party for our recent move to Cleveland Avenue on the weekend that the Cleveland Browns played the San Diego Chargers. So I am going to share some of our ideas on how to have a Cleveland theme party.

Our friend sent this amazing website about Cleveland facts including the greeting company American Greetings is headquartered in Cleveland and is responsible for Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake. Potato chips were first mass produced in Cleveland and Chef Boy-R-Dee first began in Cleveland. As you can imagine some of our menu and decorations centered around these facts.

First off decorations: Amazon has great Cleveland sports-themed plates, napkins, balloons, and tablecloths. We also used records to represent the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and actual Cleveland facts to hang on the walls.

Food: My sister found this awesome recipe for Chef Boy-R-Dee lasagna and she also made meatballs to represent the community of Little Italy in Cleveland. I made strawberry shortcake and Buckeyes aka peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate – a great way represent Ohio. We also served potato chips and perogies.


Music: Bone Thugs N Harmony…need I say more. Haha! Yes! Find all the artists inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and put them on your playlist…

Drinks: Lifesaver flavored drinks were a big hit. Think flavored mixers and drop a few lifesavers in there to eat later…

So that was our Cleveland-themed party…Here’s how this week in sports went…


In the land of college football, the theme was upset…

A few big top 25 teams fell to lower ranked teams this weekend. The game of the weekend was #6 Notre Dame versus #12 Clemson. The storm known as Joaquin drenched the east coast in rain pour and the Clemson Tigers drenched the Fighting Irish in touchdowns in the first minutes of the game. It looked like Clemson was going to run away with the game until Notre Dame came back in the last quarter. Clemson won by 2 points.

Haven’t heard from Florida in a minute since Urban left, but it looks like they were trying to make a statement by upsetting #3 Ole Miss. The SEC has been shaken up. The #13 Alabama win over #8 Georgia also changed up the SEC rankings after this weekend.

In the Big Ten, #19 Wisconsin has been upset by unranked Iowa and the Pac-12 had its own upset: #7 UCLA fell to Arizona State.

Other games were just close calls…

#2 Michigan State won by 3 against unranked Purdue.

My Homies

Speaking of close, Ohio State pulled through another conference nail biter against Indiana thanks to Elliott’s two touchdown returns. Ohio State is getting a lot of flack for not winning these games easily. It’s very reminiscent of their season last year. I’m ok with it as long as we have the same result :).

Coming off a huge upset last week, the Duke Blue Devils played a close game against Boston College as well winning 9 – 7. A W is a W.



It was overtime land this weekend…

Multiple games ended in overtime in professional football this week. The Ravens were able to kick a field goal to beat the Rothlisbergless Steelers in overtime. The Luckless Colts pulled out a win against the Jaguars in overtime and the Romoless Cowboys lost to the New Orleans Saints in overtime.

Games that were close to overtime included the Washington Redskins versus the Philadelphia Eagles. The Redskins picked up the W. The Bears surprisingly and barely beat the Raiders. The Arizona Cardinals had a dismal showing against the St. Louis Rams. Peyton and the Broncos remain undefeated after beating the Vikings.

My Homies

I should have witnessed an overtime game…


As a part of my Cleveland themed San Diego weekend, I attended the Browns/Chargers game to cheer on the Brownies! We had an excellent time at an early morning tailgate.


The game was kept close by the Browns despite the heavily favored Chargers. Multiple leads were traded and ended with a tying touchdown and 2 pt conversion by the Cleveland Browns in the 4th quarter with 2 minutes to go. The Chargers were able to drive the ball down the field for the game-winning field goal. The field goal would have been no good if the Browns had lined up on sides. Needless to say, the second one was good. Browns fans everywhere hung their heads in disbelief enjoying the inevitable end due to the Cleveland curse.


Sadness, I would have loved to see a Cleveland win to end the perfect Cleveland San Diego weekend!

I know what could make up for this loss: A win in fantasy football, especially against my sister. I think it might happen, especially if Russell Wilson continues to play well…(PS he didn’t, damn O-line).

Thank you for reading my Clevelandcentric blog! I will be working on my travel blogs about Bordeaux and San Sebastian. I am trying to figure out what knowledge I can share about my experience. In the meantime check out my Instagram feed! @theprettymaven!


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