I Think It’s Fall

November 2, 2015

I Think It’s Fall…

Happy Halloween to you all!

It never feels quite like fall in San Diego because the temperatures are a bit higher than the east coast. When I think of fall I think of growing up in Ohio where the leaves turned and the air crisped. Out here in San Diego, the air does get drier because of the Santa Anas, but the temperatures stay on the higher side. It was 80 today!


If anyone asks, the only thing I miss about the seasons is the change of leaves in the fall and the flowers in the spring. I do NOT miss snow. Although it is pretty when it first falls.


The things that never change are the flavors of fall: Pumpkin, apple, squash, and of course Halloween! That’s what I did this week. Enjoyed fall activities and I hope you did too!


Halloween was the big thing this week and I did what everyone does. Dressed up in costume!

This year my sister and I were tossing around ideas like Olivia Pope, Cookie, and Annalise…Yup, we love Shondaland and Empire. But I think costumes should be either relevant to the current day or just really good that everyone gets it. Olivia Pope and Annalise – you run the danger of people not understanding your costume. We just look like girls out in nice dresses.

So we went the superhero route. It never fails. Teenage mutant ninja turtles are not just for boys. I wanted the nunchucks but purple is my color; so, I was Donatello and my sister Leonardo. Everyone got it last night and we partied in daylight savings and November with turtle power!


Here’s how the week leading up to November was in sports…


Black is one of Halloween’s colors and New Zealand’s…


The Rugby World Cup concluded this weekend with the All Blacks reaching the finals to beat Australia.

fall18 Many players on the team were present for the last rugby world cup where they also won. Third place went to South Africa.


Fun fact: New Zealand was the winner of the very first world cup in 1987.


Congratulations to the All Blacks of New Zealand the 2015 Rugby World Cup champions!



A few schools are falling back…

Temple has lost their undefeated status this weekend in their loss to Notre Dame. It was a close game and they lost by 4.

The undefeateds still standing: TCU beat West Virginia, Clemson battled with NC State but prevailed, Iowa is sneaking up in the Big Ten by beating Maryland, and Oklahoma State and Texas Tech had a high scoring match where Oklahoma State won. Houston and Memphis are some teams that I didn’t expect to be undefeated but continue the work.

The chance of a loss haunted these teams…

UCLA pulled through to beat Colorado, Michigan won in a nail-biter against Minnesota and Stanford willed its way to a win against Washington State.

A couple upsets: Unranked UNC beat #23 Pitt in the ACC…

Some scary calls occurred on Halloween…


My Homies

The ACC has suspended the officials from the Duke/Miami game. And for good reason! The final play of the game involved 8 backward lateral passes, 3 illegal blocks in the back, 1 knee down, 6 points for Miami to win and a partridge in a pear tree.

Duke and Miami played on Saturday in Durham and Duke battled until the end. Duke was able to come back after 2 70+ yard drives to lead Miami with seconds left. Miami somehow pulled off 8 lateral passes to score a touchdown despite the multiple missed by officials.

I hope the ACC thoroughly investigates and Duke does not lose its standing in the ACC.

Speaking of scary calls: Ohio State needs to be quiet on their bye week. JT Barrett was arrested for DUI on Friday night and charged with a misdemeanor.

My disappointment with this one runs deep on so many levels. He just got the starting position back, why disappoint your teammates, family, fans, yourself? But most of all why would you put the lives of others in jeopardy? I will not be too hard on JT here as I know he will be harder on himself than anyone can be but let us all have more basic regard for human life.

JT will miss the Minnesota game. Cardale Jones will start and Braxton Miller needs to start worrying about throwing again.


Winning by a few points: A trick or treat…

Multiple teams won by a few points to treat themselves to win but tricking themselves into thinking that it’s a good win. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Atlanta Falcons by a field goal, as did the Vikings against the Bears, the Ravens over the Chargers and the Seahawks over the Cowboys.


Not so close games: The Patriots took it to the Dolphins and London is officially a magical place for struggling teams. The Chiefs beat the Lions 45-10.

Everyone is talking about: The touchdown battle between Eli Manning and Drew Brees. Drew Brees threw for 7 touchdowns and Eli 6. Their defenses were corpses and Drew Brees led the Saints to a win and my fantasy opponent.

I saw some interesting costumes…

The bumblebees and Big Ben were back for the Steelers, but even that could not give the Bengals their first loss.

The Grim Reaper was coming for one of them…

Somebody had to lose and lose their undefeated status in this game. The unlucky one: The Packers. The Broncos remain undefeated and Peyton needs to start living up to his brother’s 6 touchdown passes.


My Homies

Orange is the new black…

Cleveland was all orange and all smiles until the second half. They came out strong against the Cardinals but lost their lead with 34 unanswered points from Carson and his crew.

Thems the Breaks

Some bloodcurdling injuries…

Multiple injuries occurred this week with the likely loss of multiple key players. Le’Veon Bell of the Steelers was carted off with a knee injury. I think his MCL will be involved.

Steve Smith, Sr of the Ravens could not bear weight on his right leg. It’s an Achilles injury. He has likely seen his last game at the age of 36.

Bush of the 49ers after slipping on the concrete, Forte of the Bears, Lockette of the Seahawks, Robinson of the Saints and Allen of the Chargers are some other notables to go down.

I wish them all a speedy recovery.


A devil of a series…

The World Series was well underway this week. The Royals started by winning the longest game in World Series history. I stayed up to watch the 14 innings, but I live on the west coast. It was only to 10 pm in the end.

The Royals beat the Mets easily the second game 7-1.


Noah Syndergaard threw a high ball to a head to call the Mets to action in the third game. It worked and they won 9-3.

The Royals pulled off a comeback to win the fourth game in New York 5-3.

Game 5 ended this World Series with the Mets losing their lead because they allowed the starting pitcher Harvey back into the eighth inning. The GM will never live that down.


The Royals tied the game thanks to Hosmer. The game went into extra innings and the Royals scored 5 runs in the 12th inning to win the World Series! Pitching made this game and the Royals had all the tricks in the book.


Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals the 2015 World Series champions!


Other sports highlights:

Remember American Pharaoh, the winner of the Triple Crown? Well, he won a fourth crown: The Breeder’s Cup.

Remember Roger Federer? He beat Rafael Nadal in Shanghai.

Remember basketball? How could you forget? It never goes away. It’s officially back.

A sweet candy thank you for reading my Halloween blog. What did you dress up as? 

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