Kaaboo: The Coachella for Adults

September 21, 2015

A Happy Kaaboo to You!!

I apologize for my slightly late post, but I have a good reason: I was Kaabooing all weekend. What is Kaaboo? It is San Diego’s very first music festival and I got to enjoy! Here is my recap of the all the awesomeness that was Kaaboo…


Kaaboo was set in the picturesque location of Del Mar, CA – technically San Diego – but those North County people love to make it clear where they come from.

The Del Mar fairgrounds were the setting to this very first San Diego music festival and what a perfect use of a place. The fairgrounds can accommodate tons of people, had plenty of bathrooms, indoor space, parking, and is extremely clean – until after all those people walked through of course.


The Del Mar fair usually hosts a summer concert series during the horse races so I think they wanted to expand on that and make it a whole weekend festival to end the festival season – enter Kaaboo and cha-ching…very smart.

Kaaboo was advertised as the Coachella for adults because it boasted more seating, more air conditioning, more gourmet food, comedy, and artwork. I for one appreciated all those things especially because the weather was very unSan Diego like and reached 90 on Sunday. It was hot! But I am not complaining because I love hot! It has to be hot, so all the girls can run around in crop tops, bralettes, and daisy dukes. Speaking of festival wear, here is some of mine from the weekend.



Let’s talk Kaaboo. I only have Coachella to compare it to so what was better or worse? 

Setting: For me location, location, location. Del Mar is only 25 minutes away, which means not finding accommodations and not driving the 2.5 hours to the desert. Although I do love the yearly trek to Palm Springs every spring. It was just nice having something in my backyard.


Comfort: Parking was a breeze and the lines were nonexistent especially on Friday.

Security: Nobody treated me like a criminal and patted me down!

Air: No dust from being in the desert. The ocean breeze was heavenly.

Free Stuff: Kaaboo was crawling with free swag from all the sponsors. I am set with Lara Bars, Kettle Chips, Nature Valley granola bars and coconut water for the week. Plus, I got two free pairs of flip flops, sunscreen and a very functional bag from Ciroq. I can’t remember the last free thing I got from Coachella besides the pat down.


Food: Kaaboo did an awesome job of bringing in gourmet food from the San Diego area. A festival goer could enjoy food from Ironside in the Posh Nosh tent or street food out by the music. The choices were plentiful and even included artisan s’mores which I, of course, indulged in.


Layout: Kaaboo was laid out differently because it was set around the horse track. Coachella tends to be more open which I enjoy a bit more.

Seating: Coachella has the grass to sit. Kaaboo has more concrete so less grass to sit, but as I mentioned before they set up some of the stages in the grandstand of the racetrack so there was actually outdoor stand seating. The Kaaboo people set up the main stage as a beach and brought in fake grass and sand for people to sit on. I liked it.

Stages: There were 6 music stages, 1 comedy stage and 1 art exhibit at Kaaboo. One music stage was indoors for the house, EDM late night. The rest were outdoors, although Zuma was in the grandstand and offered a nice mix of sun and shade for the festivalites. Additionally, the comedy stage and art exhibit were indoors – other nice ways to beat the heat.


Let’s talk music: I think Kaaboo did an excellent job of celebrating the talent that originated in California. Many musicians and acts were from LA, Orange County, and even San Diego! The creative talent coming out of this state is tremendous.

I got to see quite a bit of music all three days and will share my highlights:

Friday was the first and quietest day.


I enjoyed Fitz & the Tantrums who I missed at Coachella this year so was happy to catch them at Kaaboo. Fitz & the Tantrums were as enjoyable as ever and loved getting the crowd involved.


I have to see Foster the People whenever I can because I met them once. They don’t remember but that’s ok, I do.


Biggest mistake of Kaaboo: Putting No Doubt opposite Snoop Dogg. Doesn’t Kaaboo know that the people who grew up with No Doubt grew up with Snoop? You know, before he was Snoop Lion then back to Dogg with the D O double G. I guess you didn’t know, but know you know Kaaboo…Don’t do it again. I don’t like choosing.


Saturday was old school day.

We caught the end of Neon Trees and enjoyed The Roots. I was pleasantly surprised by Tribal Seeds and to see that the Counting Crows’ frontman Adam Duritz’s hair continues to be ridiculous.


I caught bits of Young The Giant and Awolnation both from Cali and happy to wake up in their own beds that morning to drive down to San Diego, perform and drive back.


Zac Brown Band was the headliner for Saturday. I wish it was Snoop. I don’t see as much crossover there although white people love Snoop too especially the ones here in San Diego.

I enjoyed Spoon instead of Zac Brown.

My EDM highlight of the weekend: Girl Talk. That guy must burn 800 calories per show and it shows. His mashups of the 80s, 90s, and today are unbeatably dance provoking.


Sunday was Funkday and the hottest day at Kaaboo


We came early to enjoy all the New Orleans influence that arrived at Kaaboo including Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue. Although they were not from NOLA, I enjoyed Orgone out of LA.


I highly recommend seeing Trombone Shorty – he was dope. He brings the trombone and trumpet together with jazz, funk, and rock. I love the meshing of musical styles. I also missed him one year at Coachella and am so happy I caught him this year.









A big shout out to the band out of The Ohio State University: O.A.R. gave an excellent performance filled with their songs I sang through college.


I caught portions of the San Diego native band: Switchfoot who blessed us all and will be working on a new album in North County soon.

Train performed in the outdoor grandstand so the older crowd could have seats while Ben Harper performed at the main stage so the younguns could smoke their pot.


The final performance of the night was the Killers. This was the first time I got to see them perform and Brandon is as dreamy as people say.

Overall, Kaaboo did a great job of bringing in talent for almost everyone. In general, the crowd was a bit on the older and whiter side, but there was music for everyone and I thoroughly enjoyed the musical experience.

Not a music fan? Kaaboo also contained comedy and art for a patron to enjoy. Unfortunately, you did have to choose if it was comedy versus music as many of the comedy acts were during musical performances. I did get to watch Joel McHale from “The Soup” on Saturday night while waiting for Girl Talk. Other comedians I wish I had seen: Tim Meadows and Ron Funches.


I am so glad I got to enjoy Kaaboo and can’t wait for it next year! Join me!


Oh yeah, let’s talk sports quickly because this blog is long enough…

Luckily, it’s really just football on right now.

On the college end: Clemson barely won against Louisville. The same goes for Missouri. Notre Dame held on strong against Georgia Tech despite losing their star QB last week.

Some interesting upsets: Stanford beat #6 USC. My sister is very happy. Go Card! Ole Miss took out #2 Alabama. That’s a big one…

#1 Ohio State got their act together to beat Northern Illinois but barely. They will have to work on their winning against smaller teams. People are already talking about that #1 ranking.

Duke fell to #23 Northwestern at the home opener in the newly renovated Wallace Wade Stadium. Those wildcats are a force this year.

On the pro end: Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos came back to win their game against the Chiefs who did everything almost right.

Adrian Peterson and the Vikings had a better showing this week beating the Lions. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jameis Winston beat the Saints, the Steelers blew out the 49ers and the Packers held strong against the Seahawks.

Biggest break of the day: Tony Romo is out for at least 8 weeks with a broken collarbone. Fantasy football fans are crying especially the one I played against this week.

The Browns beat the Titans after a very disappointing first week. Cleveland needed that win.

On the fantasy end: I won in one of the leagues that I am in but lost in the other. Worse I lost to my sister because Marshawn Lynch hasn’t been able to run against the Packers. I guess I will take the win and my sister can savor her weekend with the Stanford and fantasy wins.

Whew…Thank you for reading my blog about Kaaboo…Creating music is such a gift and I appreciate that all these talented people want to share it! 


Exciting news: I will be traveling to Bordeaux, France for a wedding this week! Catch me on Instagram @theprettymaven as I share my time in France and Spain!


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