My sister’s Invaslign is ruining my vacation

January 26, 2015

Happy Australia Day from the Aussie Open!


Today marks day 2 of my time at the Australia Open in Melbourne. My sister and I had tickets for the day session at Margaret Court Arena. Here are my thoughts of the day:

So whoever said it was going to be hot down in Melbourne I curse you. It’s been cold and rainy and in the newly roofed Margaret Court – which had it’s opening ceremony today complete with Margaret Court herself – it is down right freezing in the shade. I layered up this time. Where is that 100 degree weather? Maybe not 100 but at least 80? Sigh…

The Aussie Open is totally made for the patrons. There is a stage for live music in the beer garden complete with tables and chairs to sit. If you want to bring a self made picnic in you can! Take note Coachella – I’m pretty sure this event still makes money off their food and drinks without treating their patrons like common criminals for bringing in an unopened bottled water.

People were partying it up on this Australia Day complete with fireworks. It reminds me of the 4th of July except — Australia Day celebrates the British landing and sovereignty whereas we Americans celebrate our independence from the British. Different priorities…

So my sister recently got Invisalign and I totally support her decision, I just had no idea it would ruin my enjoyment of eating. In the past we used to sample, share food and enjoy – that’s the best part of vacation – trying out food. Now she only eats when totally necessary, rarely snacks and takes an extra 5 minutes after to clean those things. Straight teeth aren’t that important…

Here are some Australia Day highlights…

It was Madison Squared Garden for a match between Americans Madison Keys and Madison Brengle. Madison Keys took the match in straight sets. We caught a glimpse of her mentor Lindsay Davenport in the stands!


The match of the day from MCA was reigning Aussie Open champ the Swiss Stan Wawrinka and Spaniard Guillermo Garcia-Lopez.


I thought Stan was going to have it easy, but between the leaky roof, the birds that make you feel like you are in a Hitchcock film, and the planes for Australia Day, Stan got pushed to 4 sets two of which he won in a tie break.


Australia Day wasn’t so celebratory for some…

Slovakian Dominika Cibulkova took out the popular Victoria Azarenka from Belarus in three sets. Serena Williams squeaked by Muguruza from Spain in three sets. The other Williams sister, Venus, also squeaked by after a shaky second set and beat Aggie Radwanska of Poland.

The American women are doing great this year! Where are those men?

Speaking of men: One of highest paid male tennis stars Japan’s Nishikori beat Spaniard David Ferrer in straight sets. The Canadian serving powerhouse Milos Raonic also took out a Spaniard Feliciano Lopez but in 5 sets. Lastly #1 Serbian Novak Djokovic easily handled Muller from Luxembourg in straight sets.

Show me the Meaning

All you need is love…

In tennis instead of saying zero (0) or shut out, they like to say love. So if a player does not score any points in the game its referred to as love, for example 40 – love. They also use love when talking about the number of sets a player has won against their opponent. It does sound softer.

Madison Keys beat the other American Madison Brengle two sets to love.

Shout out of the Day: Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski for his 1000th win! There is only 1K!

The next big thing: The Quarterfinals from the Aussie Open. We have tickets for the bigger arena Rod Laver!

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