One of the Many Reasons I’ll Never Be Skinny

August 9, 2015

Stadium Food: Just One of the Many Reasons Why I’ll Never Be Skinny

Do you ever get an offer that you just can’t refuse? I recently collaborated with an internet radio talk show “Huddlinwiththepros.” If you are interested in the podcast from Wednesday click below:

my radio talk show debut.

Through huddlin’ I was offered the chance to sample the new stadium food at Qualcomm Stadium – the home of the San Diego Chargers – and I just could not say no. So I went all excited after working out because I knew I would intake some extra calories and put on a cute dress. Needless to say, I was more than happy that I said yes. Not to mention how can anyone turn down food with sports?


Delaware North Food Services supplies the food for multiple major league stadiums across the country including the Chargers and Padres and they just employed a new native San Diegan chef, Chef Cole Chiaramonte. It was very smart that they did. Who better than a San Diegan to understand what San Diegans like to eat and what influences their cuisine?


Chef Cole has put together some delightful dishes that will surely enhance any fan’s experience while attending a Chargers game. Here are my highlights:


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich: Chef Cole has spiced up this classic sandwich with his own concoction of spicy breading on the chicken. This sandwich definitely comes with a kick just the way I like it!


Loaded Skins: Chef Cole’s version of potato skins are smashed down topped with chili, cheese, and sour cream. Think potato skin married a mashed potato and had a baby.


Philly Cheesesteak: So I am a huge fan of the classic cheesesteak out of Philly. Chef Cole has stayed loyal to the origin but added his own jalapeño cheese bread that pairs the cheesesteak with another city. The best part: this sandwich comes by the foot.


Bloody Mary: Hungover or starting the tailgating early? The stadium will now offer an extremely loaded bloody Mary topped with celery, bacon, and a blue egg.


Diego Burger: This is the ultimate pairing of classic American food with the flavors of San Diego. This burger is topped with the typical cheese, onions and tomatoes, but Chef Cole added a little something special: the chile relleno. That’s a chile rolled in cream cheese then breaded and fried – a San Diego special. Yeah, that cream cheese takes this burger to another level. A level I will never forget and likely return to for seconds.


All in all, Chef Cole has brought the flavors of San Diego into Qualcomm for football fans. The stadium will offer all of the items above with the addition of nachos, the California burrito and the kettle chips tossed in three different spices. The nachos and California burrito are also vegetarian-friendly for those non meat lovers. He even showcased a local San Diego chef’s tamales at the tasting to remind everyone what San Diego is known for – the influence of Mexican cuisine.


Chef Cole did an excellent job partnering San Diego cuisine with stadium cuisine. I was pleased and reminded that good sports are to be enjoyed with good food.


That’s how my week started. Here’s how this week in sports went…

Even though it’s baseball season, football just has to be the center of attention…

NFL training camps have started as well as college football two-a-days. The NFL currently has different teams practicing with each other which is supposed to be good until they get into fights on the field. That’s what happened between the Texans and the Redskins this week.

So in baseball this is much more common and a lot less scary. Baseball players are pretty docile compared to football players. The benches will clear, but I have seen very few fights escalate. I would not want to try to break 300+ lb men fighting in thick padding. The one thing I don’t understand – Why are they throwing punches at each other’s heads? Everyone has helmets on. The only thing that’s hurting is their hands.

They are already back: football Sundays…

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings played the first preseason football game on Sunday. The Vikings won while the important players like Ben Roethlisberger watched.

Mustard yellow shouldn’t be anyone’s color…


Eight people were inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame this weekend in Canton, OH which includes the honor of donning mustard yellow jackets similar to the golf Master’s jackets in cut and unappealing coloring.

Jerome Bettis – known as “the Bus” with the Steelers and Rams.

Charles Haley – won 5 Super Bowls.

Tim Brown

Will Shields – 12 time Pro Bowler.

Mick  Tingelhoff

Ron Wolf – brought Brett Favre to Green Bay.

Bill Polian – brought Peyton to the Colts.

Junior Seau – fondly remembered linebacker for the Chargers and unfortunately known for committing suicide after a long battled depression likely brought on by post-concussion syndrome. The controversy was over whether or not his daughter would be allowed to speak at the ceremony. The committee allowed her to speak.

Speaking of NFL hall of famers, Frank Gifford of the NY Giants passed away Sunday at the age 84. He is famous in the sports world for his play but in the pop culture world as Kathie Lee’s husband.

Thank you for reading my review on the new food at Qualcomm. Hope you enjoy the Chargers’ new cuisine! I have been eating a ton lately all around San Diego…Check me out on Instagram @theprettymaven!





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