Ripping the Ultimate Wave

July 27, 2015

Ripping the Ultimate Wave: Life

I recently had an unexpected turn of events in my life and it was a pretty big shakeup. This unexpected turn has given me some time off to think about what I really want in life. This type of thing happens all the time to everyone right? An unexpected turn whether it be a relationship status turn, a job turn, a location turn, a turn from whatever was already planned.

I am the typical Type A personality. I like things to be perfectly planned and when the plans change I can have issues accepting the change. I think that’s the medical side of me. Medicine is so planned out: High school, college, medical school, residency, fellowship, then job…When that path is disrupted – Watch out..Something in which I hope my other Type A sisters can identify.

With this unexpected turn of events, I have been given the opportunity to take the new turn and ride it to see where it takes me or I can resist the turn and wallow in my anxiety. I have chosen to take the turn and ride it.

This turn has already been pretty amazingly inspiring. I have met intriguing people, travelled to beautiful places and taken the opportunity to really enjoy the present moment. At this moment I wanted to start doing activities that I have never done before in this amazing city that I live.

San Diego is one of the most popular destinations in the country and I feel like I have never really captured what it has to offer. From being on the bluest edge of the Pacific Ocean,


near the highest mountains


and in the flowering desert,


San Diego has so many things to offer a traveler. So since I have some time to act like a traveler, I am going to act like a traveler in San Diego, my current home and take the opportunity to experience the things people come to San Diego for.

Summer is my favorite season and a great season to enjoy San Diego. With the summer comes outdoor patio time for happy hour, barbecues at friends’ houses, beautiful sunsets, and of course more outdoor sports.


My usual big sports (football, basketball, tennis) are on a partial hiatus right now, but a whole lot of other sports and games are still happening on the international level. Here’s my rundown of what’s happening in sports this past week.

It’s the summer Olympics for the Americas…

The Pan America (Pan Am) Games – the Olympics for the Americas – has just finished in Toronto. These games showcase summer sports and the US leads in the medal count, closely followed by Canada and distantly followed by Brazil.

It’s not just a trend, its a lifestyle…

The fitness craze that has swept the world now has its own games: The Crossfit Games seeks to crown “the fittest in the world” in Carson, Ca. Suggestive event names include Heavy DT, Snatch speed ladder and Clean and jerk. The games ended yesterday crowning Ben Smith the Fittest Man on Earth, Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir the Fittest Woman on Earth and Fittest Team Crossfit Mayhem Freedom. Congratulations to not just being about a trend but lifestyle.

The Special Olympics just began in Los Angeles giving people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to compete at a national level.

I don’t surf but I will support any girl who does…


In the midst of taking advantage of what San Diego has to offer in the present moment I found out that the Supergirl Pro Surfing competition sponsored by Paul Mitchell was occurring in Oceanside this weekend. I took the opportunity to check out a sport of a different flavor and of course it’s for girls who I fully support.

Supergirl Pro is the only all-girls professional sports competition and lifestyle series in the world. It features action sports including surfing, skating and snow sports. They were holding a 6 star professional World Surf League qualifier – the only one held in the US.

I went on Sunday and was able to catch the end. It was a cool girl lovin’, surf displayin’ event with vendors and free swag! The final ceremony crowned Tatiana Weston-Webb of Hawaii champion. She’s only 19 and platinum blonde! Second place went to a more seasoned surfer Courtney Conlogue. It was awesome to see these girls do their thing, the fans that support them, and the support they have for each other.

Congratulations to Tatiana Weston-Webb!


Surfing makes me think of sharks for some reason…

I hope everyone enjoyed Shark week last week. I did and watched the ridiculous but hilarious Sharknado 3. I also caught the surfer, Mick Fanning, that was attacked by a shark off the coast of South Africa. He managed to get away unscathed.

That incident is the ultimate: What a minute moment. Surfers are in their house. I am going to stay out of their house, but I did have some fun at the event on a surf board with some sharks…

surfhead surfsharktail

She is the new Jem…


While at the surf competition, I listened to singer and songwriter Bonnie McKee. I took the opportunity to meet Bonnie who is “Bombastic” and reminded me of Jem with her pink hair! She co-wrote the songs “California Gurls” “Roar” and “Teenage Dream” with Katy Perry. She is full of energy in her sky high heels and lively dance moves. She is the singer of the Women’s World Cup anthem and will have some great music for the new Jem movie. Check her out!


Show Me the Meaning

When talking about clothes it’s a bad thing…

Ripping: In surf talk this is a good thing. It means surfing really well.

Tatiana Weston-Webb used it in reference to Courtney Conlogue: Courtney was “ripping” really well out there.

Thank you for reading my surf blog! Surfing reminds me of life: Waves are up and down and its a choice whether to ride the ups and downs well, poorly or not at all. I’m choosing well. Check me ripping life on Instagram @theprettymaven!


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