The best 2 minutes in Super Bowl history

February 1, 2015

The best 2 minutes in Super Bowl history


Only watched the last 2 minutes of Super Bowl 49? That’s really all you needed…

The scene was the New England Patriots versus the Seattle Seahawks in Phoenix. The quarterbacks were Tom Brady and Russell Wilson, respectively. The key Patriots offensive players were Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. The key Seahawks players were Marshawn “Beastmode” Lynch, Richard Sherman, and Chris Mathews. The cheaters – I mean coaches – are Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll.

The first quarter: 0 – 0. Enough said.

The second quarter: Patriots strike first, but Seahawks answer x 2.

Halftime: Katy Perry on a metallic lion, dancing sharks, and Lenny Kravitz. Missy Elliott “the retro rapper” (which makes me feel really old) should have done the whole show.


The third quarter: The Seahawks take the lead due to a Tom Brady interception and finally seem to pick up their offense.

The fourth quarter: The Seahawks get too comfortable and the Patriots score two touchdowns to take the lead by 4. The Seahawks still had two minutes which is plenty of time in football time to change the score.

The last 2 minutes: Marshawn Lynch turns into a wide receiver and puts the Seahawks in great field position after the kickoff. Jermaine Kearse makes a ridiculous catch because the ball never touched the ground and he never went out of bounds. Marshawn Lynch again runs the ball to the 1 yard line.

Now at this point its second down, there are 20 seconds left on the clock, the Seahawks are on the 1 yard line and they have this guy nicknamed “Beastmode” who is just ramping up and ate Skittles before the game. What would you do?

The Seahawks choose to pass at the worst possible time and Russell Wilson is intercepted by Malcolm Butler.


To make matters worse they get an encroachment penalty taking the Patriots to the 6 yard line.

Then all hell breaks loose: Multiple punches thrown including by Gronk but Bruce Irvin of the Seahawks gets ejected. It’s not a really party ’til a fight breaks out…

Patriots win 28 – 24.

The commercials: Very deep – CocaCola: cyberbullying is real! #noonelikesu because #uaremakingAmericaobese – and Dad oriented. The only girl oriented commercial comes from Always. I like sports #likeagirl #always.

Super Bowl MVP: Tom Brady – only for the endorsements, commercials and publicity after. It should have been Julian Edelman.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots for winning Super Bowl XLIX. Thank you to the Pats and Seahawks for an awesome game!


It’s been a while since I watched a college basketball game…

But I can tell you what really matters: Kentucky is the only undefeated left standing because – well 1 they are in the SEC and 2 because…

Duke beat Virginia at Jefferson’s university 69-63 Saturday. The loss to Notre Dame doesn’t really matter after that.


I’m back from Australia and the Open and I technically time travelled…

On the men’s side…

The Semifinals: Novack Djokovic beat Stan Wawrinka in one of the few 5 set matches of the Open. Andy Murray beat Tomas Berdych in 4 sets after a heated exchange between his girlfriend and the Berdych camp.

The Finals: Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray trade tie breaks for the first two games making the score 1-1, but Murray begins to break down in the 3rd set and completely beats himself in the 4th. Novak Djokovic wins his 5th Aussie Open and 8th Grand Slam.

On the ladies’ side…

The Semifinals: Maria Sharapova takes out her countrywoman Ekaterina Makarova easily in two sets. Serena Williams takes out the girl and fellow American – Madison Keys – that took out her sister in two sets. That’s what sisters are for.

The Finals: Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova meet again. Considering this is the 14th time they have met and Serena has beaten Maria 13 times before, you can probably guess what happened…Serena Williams wins in straight sets to win her 6th Australian Open (her last one was 5 years ago btw) and her 19th Grand Slam.

Congratulations to Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic for both making history with their Australian Open wins!


Shout out of the Day: My sister for winning our NFL Pick ‘Em League. Maybe she will take me out to dinner…

Thank you for reading my Super Bowl, basketball and Tennis blog. So many sports, so little time! With football and tennis over I can finally focus my attention on basketball! Keep sharing because sharing is caring…

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