Throwback Thursday: Clash of the Titans

November 2, 2014


Clash of the Titans….

Two of the most talked about quarterbacks played each other today, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots versus Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in New England. Peyton Manning is probably the most consistent quarterback in the NFL right now and he has the lowest amount of sacks. Tom Brady only plays well when he gets s*&t talked about him, then he cries, then he plays well. That’s basically what’s happening now. Plus the Patriots had the home field advantage….

BTW…worst fake of the day: The Pats. What the? YOUR team has to be on the same page before you can attempt that.

I’m disappointed….

In the 49ers….They were a Super Bowl Team last year, now they are losing to the St. Louis Rams on a fumble in the end zone? No offense St. Louis.

The Chargers were embarrassed by the Dolphins and the Steelers kept me from being in embarrassed in my Pick ‘em league by beating the Ravens.

My Homies

The Browns beat the Buccaneers today…it’s never pretty but again I’ll take it.

Show me the Meaning

You can use apple, pear or blueberry…

A turnover happens when the defense is able to take the ball from the offense. Most turnovers in football are caused by fumbles and interceptions.

It is unfortunate when the offense turns over the ball on the final play of the game, ie the 49ers.

Thems the Breaks

Watch your back…

Tony Romo recently broke two transverse processes in his spine, from a knee in the back, which didn’t allow him to start today. The soccer player from Brazil – Neymar- broke a spinous process. see picture for difference.
Why is this important? Well you don’t want to break a bone in sports ever and because ligaments and muscles attach to these bones. But most importantly because it hurts! And that’s why Romo is not playing.

Update: Tony Romo is playing after a brief one game off. Recently Cam Newton broke the same bone in a car wreck in Charlotte, NC.

Shout out of the day: Congrats to the NYC marathon participants!

Thank you for reading one of my earlier blogs…I will be highlighting sports injuries in the section: “Thems the Breaks.” Please comment and share!

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