Twas a good series…

June 17, 2015

Blackhawk Won


The NHL playoffs and finals have officially ended with a new Stanley Cup recipient: The Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in 6 games at home in Chicago. The final score was 2-1. This will be the 3rd Stanley Cup the Blackhawks will raise in the past 6 years. Some might call that dynasty potential.

As I tried to watch the hockey playoffs I came to this conclusion: it’s hard for me to watch hockey. I know there are real hockey fans out there, but I’m not one – right now. Perhaps because there is too much back and forth or maybe because I do not understand the rules and intricacies of the game. I didn’t know much about lacrosse when I first encountered it but now I love it. So perhaps I just need to learn more about the sport of hockey to enjoy it more. For now though let me congratulate:

The Chicago Blackhawks – the 2015 Stanley Cup Final Champions!!!


Cavaliers Down


This could have been my epic sports year but…


On to a sport I know a little more about. Games 4 and 5 of the NBA Finals occurred over this past week and it hasn’t looked good for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Game 4 was home in Cleveland and I think we needed to win that game before heading back to Oakland for Game 5 against the Golden State Warriors. That would have put the Cavs up 3 games to 1. It would have been ok if we lost Game 5 in Oakland because we would have traveled back to Cleveland for Game 6 to win it all!

Yes that was my fantasy, but reality is where most of us live.

Game 4 – the Cavs just looked tired. We were throwing up bricks hoping they would fall in the hoop towards the end of the game. By the fourth quarter the Warriors were lighting us up with 3’s and Steph Curry came alive. The star players for the Cavs: Mozgov and Thompson. The Cavs lost and the series was tied 2-2.

Game 5 – the Cavs looked a little cold to start, but JR Smith started to come alive and help LeBron in the first half. The Cavs potentially could have won this game but allowed Iguodala to make 3 after 3. Then Steph figured out his role again and Warriors ran away with game making the series 3-2 despite LeBron’s triple double.

Game 6 – Played in Cleveland in our house, the Cavaliers never quite got their stride. Delly couldn’t keep up the minutes he was playing against Steph Curry. But it wasn’t just Curry, it was Iguodala, Thompson, Barnes…the list goes on. Even players I had never heard of because that’s what its like to have a bench #strengthinnumbers. The Warriors outplayed a tired over worked Cavaliers 7 man rotation. The Warriors shot better especially the 3. Needless to say I am bummed. But I must say in a setting where we lost half our starting lineup we did well against the Warriors. We just couldn’t keep up with their pace and most of all depth of bench. The Cavaliers lost the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors 4-2.

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors 2015 NBA Champions!

Twas a good series…

I must say that I would rather lose to a team like the Warriors. I wish my team was healthy, but the Cavaliers gave it their all. I am extremely proud of the Cavaliers and proud of Cleveland for coming back to the top. I am still from Believeland and all in! Until next year Cavs…until next year…

Thank you for reading my NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals blog. Are you proud of Cleveland?

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